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Try these for interesting things about numbers:

Melvin Bragg's 'In Our Time' podcast on negative numbers. Who would have thought that they could be so controversial? (You don't have to understand it all when they start using algebra and talking about √-1.)

A Mathematician's Apology - the famous mathematician G O Hardy makes the case for pure mathematics as a form of creative art - beautifully written and with an interesting foreword by his friend, the writer CP Snow.

Early Years Maths Education:

Children Thinking Mathematically - PSRN essential knowledge for Early Years practitioners - lots of good advice including the importance of childrens' mathematical mark making as an important step in the development of  mathematical understanding.

TACTYC - promotes and advocates the highest quality professional development for all early years educators in order to enhance the educational well-being of the youngest children.

Mathematics performance in primary schools: getting the best results - a 2009 report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee that is devastating and still relevant.

The Williams Report - Independent Review of Mathematics Teaching in Early Years Settings and Primary Schools (2008). A download. Its most important recommendation was that all primary schools needed a maths specialist to give a lead. A review of the resultant MaST scheme, Evaluation of the Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST) programme in 2010 revealed that only 1268 teachers had completed the necessary training.

Maths and numeracy in the early years - a 2014 2-page summary report by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Maths and Numeracy - intended to influence government thinking.

The Unexpected Power of Baby Math - A surprising piece of research showing that adults still think about numbers like small children.

Kids Grasp Large Numbers Remarkably Young - research showing that quite young childen have some understanding of place value.

These sites may also be of interest:

The Tutor Pages - find a private tutor in the UK. My own listing is here. Also try Tutor Hunt.

Citizen Maths is a new online resource for adults that want to improve their Maths. 

National Numeracy is an independent charity that focuses on adults and children with low levels of numeracy. Have a go at their National Numeracy Challenge .

Skills for Life - a UK government website about opportunities for adults to improve literacy and numeracy.

Math Open Reference - a comprehensive list of maths topics explained.

MIT Open Courseware in  Maths - lecture notes for all MIT mathematics courses - this is not for beginners!

The Moser Report - on Literacy and Numeracy in Britain - published in 1998 but still highly relevant.

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