Why isn't there a Kindle or other e-book version of Numbers Explained?

The problem is that the eBook formats such as .AZW used by KIndle, or .EPUB used by many other e-book readers, do not handle graphics very well. They are OK for displaying pictures to accompany novels, but there are a lot of diagrams showing number lines etc. in Numbers Explained and they do not come out well, particularly when they are resized. This is also true of all the fraction calculations. They were written using Word Equations tool and become quite unintelligible when the Kindle conversion tool has finished with them.

These file formats also alter the line breaks and pagination which affects the books readability.

The only eBook format that seems to work is Adobe PDF which uses a fixed layout. Most eBook readers can display PDF files.

I will keep this issue under review.


How do I load a PDF file into eReader?

There is a good illustrated explanation of how to do this for a Kindle here and for a Nook here.

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