Would You Like to Be Better at Arithmetic?

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Many people find arithmetic difficult and stressful.

Better number skills would:

  • help them get work and get on
  • make them more independent, for example with money and banking
  • enable them to help their children with homework

Does this describe you?


Important: You are not the failure

Many people have the idea that they can't do maths because there is something wrong with them - their brains aren't wired up properly or something. They get this idea because they have bad experiences in their early years in school. Usually they are expected to use formal written arithmetic methods before they are ready for them. Frequently they will go home and say, "Mummy, I don't understand this." and Mummy says, "Don't worry, dear. I could never do Maths either." That's it, then - they are set to fail.

If you are one of these people, you need to dump this idea. You are not the failure. It was the schooling that failed you. You can overcome this if you want to. It is possible but unlikely that a return to the classroom will help you because that will bring back a lot of bad memories and you are likely to repeat your previous difficulties.

Arithmetic depends upon a few key ideas and they are quite easily understood, If you can explore these ideas in your own time, then you stand a chance of becoming proficient in basic numeracy. Then, who knows, you might want to study mathematics further.

If you would like to see more about how and why people fail at maths, read the blog post:  'The Importance of the Primary School' by clicking here.  ( Opens in a new window. )


'Numbers Explained' will explain how numbers work and you will find that you can do maths after all.

Here's what one reviewer, aged 75, said:

"I found the book very easy to read... ... the sentence ‘It is never too late to learn’ cheered me enormously. I found it encouraging ...

I never knew that there was a framework & rules that govern arithmetic.  The book sets them out clearly & in simple language. ...."

 As an adult learner who missed out on numbers for almost a lifetime, I would recommend this book as a wonderful experience."          Read the full review.

Another reviewer, an online maths tutor, said:

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to all who teach primary mathematics in fact, so that they can both check their own understanding and equip themselves with some solid techniques for getting the basics right, right from the start.         Read the full review.


Steve Miller, the author of this book, has many years experience as a maths teacher and private tutor. He is convinced that it is never too late to learn arithmetic and that anyone can do it if they want to, including you. The key is to make sure that you understand each step.

Numbers Explained builds up an understanding of number work in easy stages without talking down to the reader. Unlike most books on maths, it is written as if the author is talking to you in a private tutorial.

After reading this book, you should understand how to tackle all the arithmetic required in everyday life.

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